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Gas Fireplaces and Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplaces and fireplace inserts offer warmth, comfort and style with consistent, controllable heat. You’ll enjoy the realistic flames, quiet operation and heating efficiency of a gas fireplace or fireplace insert. Whether you’re building a new fireplace or installing a fireplace insert into an existing hearth, these units can be directly vented to an outside wall, so no chimney is needed.

Wood Fireplaces and Fireplace Inserts

Enjoy the glow of a wood fire with your family and friends, and create warm memories for years to come. Wood fireplace inserts – essentially wood-burning stoves designed to fit into a fireplace’s masonry or shell – are also a popular choice among homeowners.

Pellet Fireplace Inserts

Pellet inserts are the cleanest-burning wood option, fueled by pellets made of recycled wood by-products like sawdust. Pellets can generate as much heat as a home’s central heating system. The pellet inserts we offer have large storage capacities, many start automatically and some can even be controlled using a thermostat.

Log Sets

Want to enjoy a beautiful fire in your traditional wood fireplace without all the work? By installing a gas log set, all you have to do is make sure the damper is permanently opened. Then, flick a switch and you have a roaring fire in your fireplace immediately. You may also install a gas log set in a factory-built fireplace and use a direct-vent option to take any combustible materials directly outside.

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Gas Stoves

Gas is a natural choice for beauty and warmth without the work associated with a wood fire. Natural gas or propane stoves are the ultimate in convenience, enabling you to start a fire with the push of a button! Gas burns cleanly and most units don’t need electricity to ignite, so they will keep you and your family safe and warm even during power outages. Recent improvements, such as burning embers and realistic logs have enhanced the authenticity of gas stoves.

Wood Stoves

Many people prefer the authenticity of a wood-burning fire and the ritual involved in stacking the wood, starting the fire, tending the fire and removing the ashes. A wood-burning fire gives off an even heat that warms your home, and is often fueled by wood grown in your area. Today, wood stoves are easy to use, attractive and safe – and offer a beautiful view of the fire.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are the cleanest-burning wood stoves. Fueled by pellets made of recycled wood by-products like sawdust, pellet stoves can generate as much heat as a home’s central heating system. The pellet stoves we sell have large storage capacities, many start automtically and some can even be controlled using a thermostat.

Coal Stoves

Today’s coal is “clean burning” anthracite that combusts at such high temperatures that it has very little ash or creosote buildups. Coal stoves provide a steady, less intense fire that puts out a lot of heat at a low cost.